BC2 Guardian

BC2 Guardian is a software which helps to handle Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers. The author of this lightweight and functional program is Anubis, a member of the G4G.pl gaming community. This was made by him alone, on the basis of technical documentation made available by DICE. He create it for wide availability for players and companies involved in the professional game hosting. This software was created without any funding from commercial firms. It is forbidden to host files beyond the resources of G4G.pl. Also hot links and administration of direct links to the files are prohibited. Currently the program supports 100% of operating functions of the game server. If any option is not working properly, it means that the problem occurs on server and it is not the fault of BC2 Guardian. Anubis has made every effort to ensure that the application has been stable, and minimally burdened the users operating system. BC2 Guardian application is in development phase. Its functionality will be changed along with the improvements introduced by DICE. Author provides the application as it is. Users are responsible for the consequences of using this software. Both Anubis and G4G.pl do not take responsibility for any consequences of use of the BC2 Guardian. The program has been tested on G4G.pl servers. If you have any questions regarding the program, you can ask on our forum.

24 March 2011

Please notice that BC2Guardian is no longer maintaned. No additional features are planned in the future for this application. Thanks to all of you for the feedback.

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