BC2 Guardian - features and manual

BC2 Guardian is an application that does not require installation on your computer.
Just unpack the program to any created directory. To start you must have such data as:

  • Server IP number
  • Admin port
  • Admin password

You can get these data from GSP from whom you purchased the server.
After adding a server to BC2 Guardian, in the program directory a servers.xml file is created
where you can find these data.
An example servers.xml file looks like this

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ? >
< Settings >
< Servers >
  < Server >
    < ServerName>G4G.pl hosted by....< /ServerName>
    < ServerIP>92.43.xx.xx< /ServerIP>
    < ServerAdminPort>48888< /ServerAdminPort>
    < ServerPasswordHashed>23--jkasdjiqw< /ServerPasswordHashed>
    < WelcomeMessageText>Welcome %name%! Enjoy your Stay!< /WelcomeMessageText>
     < WelcomeMessageTimeout>60< /WelcomeMessageTimeout>
     < UsePBPenalties>true< /UsePBPenalties>
  < /Server>

After entering the data click on the button "connect".
Proper connection to the server will be shown in the bottom part of the window.

Currently the program supports following functions:

  • Multiple game servers
  • List of players, divided into teams (sqdm support as well), with a separate clan tags
  • Support for common server variables such as the number of available slots, the password on the server, game modes, killcams, minimap, hardcore mode, aim sight, etc.
  • Ban list support - by IP or by player nick - list of banned saved to a file.
  • Chat console - with the possibility of sending messages to a specific player.
  • Console events - events recorded from the game like join / leave / kill, etc.
  • Commands in the game! Issued in the chat line with "/", "/@' or "!" prefix. For example:

    /hardcore - get,
    /hardcore [1 or 0] - set/unset hardcore
    /pass - get game pass,
    /pass [password] - set game pass
    /teamid - get temaid value
    /slay [nick]
    /move [nick] [teamid]
    /time or /@time - time on server
    /nextmap or /@ nextmap - show next map
    /nextlevel - show next level
    /runnextlevel - run next level
    /runnextmap - run next map
    /startmatch - (3..2..1.. Get Ready!.. Go.. Restart map)
    /!startmatch - (3..2..1.. Get Ready!.. Go)
    /warn [nick] [reason]
    /tsay [team{a,d,1,2,3....}] [message]. a - attackers, d - defenders
    /psay [nick] [message] - private message to nick
    /balst - Guardian autobalance statu
    /baloff - Guardian autobalance OFF
    /balon - Guardian autobalance ON
    /ban [nick] [duration in minutes] [reason]
    /kick [nick] [reason]
    /pbkick [nick] [duration in minutes] [reason] - PunkBuster kick
    /rban [nick] [reason] - ban to the next of round
    /pban [nick] [reason] - permban
    /say [text] - text to players (in chat)
    /@say [text] - text to playesr (in yell)
    /a [text] - text to admins
    /@a [text] - yell to admins
    /restart - restart map
    /votekick or /vk
    /voteban or /vb

  • Reserve slots - at the moment, this option does not work well with DICE servers.
  • Map list settings with game modes (rush, conquest, etc.)
  • Control Panel of Punk Buster.
  • Censor
  • Maplist function >
The list of supported functions will be changed depending on the version of our software.