About pr0 BO RCon tool by Anubis

Note from Author
I've made this piece of software because of my own feeling that provided 'original' RCon Tool given to us, is a bit... you know... Yeah... some of you will notice 'pr0' in the name of this software. Calm down... it's just for fun. I'm just very surprised why, this 'original' RCon tool is so slow, so I decided to make this software pr0 (in comparison...).
I've decided to share it with you, for free. No charges, no payments... Use it if you like. Don't use if you hate it ;)
If you find any bug - I'm waiting for feedback at G4G.PL forum. Feel free to contact me there.
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Latest Relase:
Changelog for Version
- Improved - data retrieval speed
- Improved - Raw data console formatting
- Improved - DVAR's displaying
- Improved - Message system
- Improved - Reordering messages by dragging items
- Improved - Message system - displaying current displayed message
- Added - Message system - editing values
- Added - Map cycle builder (exclusions list)
- Added - ping kicker (not fully tested!)
- Added - RAW Console output saving
- Added - Map displaying at the main window